FMX 2015

FMX-2015_Partner_blackThe Captury will show something special this year at FMX 2015 in Stuttgart from May 05-08! Come by and visit us at our booth at the Marketplace! ...
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Captury Studio is ready!

After a lot of work it's finally ready! Captury Studio v1.0 will be released later next week! More information coming soon! We would like to thank all our beta testers for helping us making a better product! We wouldn't have been able to do it without you....
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New Demos

While we're still working on finishing Captury Studio in the coming weeks, we have finished two new demos that showcase some of the things you can do. The first video is a tech-demo that showcases how Captury Studio handles difficult situations, such as self contact with strong occlusions. In the second video we...
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Introducing Captury Live

The second video created for FMX 2014 shows our latest prototype of a real-time system, Captury Live : Captury Live is a complete markerless capture solution, that allows to capture data with a simple, portable setup. As it is build on the same technology that is used in Read more

Capturing Animals

Just in time for FMX 2014, we're publishing two new videos showcasing our technology. To demonstrate the advantages of markerless capture technology, we went out into the field and recorded footage of a horse, which we then processed and captured using Captury Studio. It was possible to track motions in an everyday...
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