On this page you can find sample data to show how high the tracking quality is, calibration boards for printing yourself, sample sequences and projects to help you get started, our SDK for Captury Live, etc.

Sample Data

The following data was tracked with Captury Studio and exported in FBX format. Only automatic tracking was performed. No manual post-processing. If you have any questions about the data don’t hesitate to ask us.

Wing Tsun hand to hand combat:


Calibration Boards

If you want to print your own calibration board, please use one of these template files:

Tutorial Videos

Please check out our YouTube channel for tutorials and demo videos.

Sample Projects

We provide a set of example files for Captury Studio, which can be used to experiment with the software. Each package contains videos as well as example projects for various stages of the processing. You can try to perform the processing yourself and reference the finished projects provided by us to see how we approached everything.

Intrinsic camera calibration:

Extrinsic camera calibration:

Character scaling:

Tracking a sequence:

The first starting point should be downloading the tracking sequence (, extracting it, and opening the project “02-walking_first_frame_initialized.proj” in Captury Studio, and simply press the “Track Forward” button in the tracking interface. The software should automatically track the whole sequence successfully.