Captury Studio

Captury Studio is the most versatile markerless motion capture solution available today. The entire development was focused on making performance capture a breeze. It is the result of several years of passionate research and development. It enables motion capture of humans and animals with unprecedented flexibility. No markers, no suits, no studio, no special hardware, just pure performance.

Captury Studio

Captury Studio allows maximum flexibility during capture:

  • Use any camera: You can use any combination of cameras running at different framerates and resolutions. Just store the videos on harddisk, load them in Studio and off you go.
  • Capture anywhere: No specific background is necessary. Even dynamic scenes and lighting can be handled. Just make sure there is some contrast between the captured person/animal/object and the background. Tracking camouflaged people in a forest is tricky though.
  • Capture anything: We provide a human body model that can be scaled to the size of any human. If you want to track animals, objects or machines Studio will be able to work with customized skeleton definitions.


We know that when working on a real set things go wrong. That’s why we have provided Studio with tools to fix things. We provide semi-automatic and automatic tools to …

  • … compute lens distortion parameters and global camera calibration,
  • … synchronize the different videos if you captured without a trigger signal,
  • … perform color calibration to match the look of your witness cameras to the principal camera,
  • … track the skeleton motion,
  • … manually match-move – should all else fail,
  • … post-process motion.


Captury Studio allows smooth integration with your pipeline:

  • Import video formats: Image sequences, AVI and MPEG4 containers, MJPEG, MPEG1, H261, H264, VP8 and REDCODE codecs.
  • Import 3DEqualizer lens distortion parameters.
  • Export results in BVH, FBX, alembic, and OBJ sequences.


Track anything, anywhere!

Captury Studio is available in two editiongs:

  • Basic: Allows tracking a single human actor using up to 12 cameras.
  • Unlimited: Allows tracking multiple actors, creating and using custom models for tracking animals or props, with an unlimited number of cameras.