Motion Capture

The Captury develops state-of-the-art motion capture systems, that require neither markers, nor tight suits. Our systems work using standard video cameras and regular everyday apparel. Our technology allows tracking humans, props, and animals, using commodity video cameras.


Our technology builds on pioneering research in the field of performance capture and free-viewpoint video conducted at the Graphics, Vision and Video Group at MPI Informatik in the last decade. The Captury is currently supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics BMWi via the program EXIST-Forschungstransfer.


Nils Hasler


Nils Hasler studied Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at RWTH Aachen University. He received his PhD at MPI Informatik and Saarland University, working on acquisition and estimation of human body shapes from 3D scans and images. Soon after, he joined the research department of Weta Digital, a leading visual effects studio in New Zealand, where he gained deep insights into the open problems of the industry. He started to work on The Captury in 2012.

Michal Richter

Senior Software Developer

Michal Richter studied computer science at Karls University in Prague, where he developed interest in automatic translation, visualization and the development of intuitive user interfaces. After joining MPI in 2011, he shifted his focus to computer vision, and developed a real-time system for deforming the apparent shape of a person in front of a depth sensor. He has joined the team of The Captury in 2012.

Christian Theobalt

Scientific Mentor

Christian Theobalt is leading the research group Graphics, Vision & Video at the MPI Informatik and is professor for computer science at Saarland University. He and his team have published some of the pioneering works in the field of human performance capture. As a scientific mentor he has accompanied The Captury since before its inception.