Pure Performance

   Concentrate on what's important: the performance.
   Don't be distracted by complicated hardware, suits, or markers.

Capture anything, anywhere

   No complicated setup necessary. Transport everything needed for a capture session in a backpack!


Captury Studio provides an offline workflow that allows after the fact tracking using footage from arbitrary color video cameras. More


Our real-time solution Captury Live allows you to stream live into Motion Builder 2015, Unity 5, Unreal 4. You can also build your own integration using our network client library or the SDK. More


Experience true immersion by gaining a body in virtual worlds. Interaction using body language and gesturing are deeply engrained in our social interaction patterns. Being able to use them in virtual reality takes immersion to the next level.

Recent News

FMX 2015

The Captury will show something special this year at FMX 2015 in Stuttgart from May 05-08! Come by and visit us at our booth at the Marketplace!...


If you want to know more about us, our technology, or simply want to talk to us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.